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Martial Activities

Martial Activities

The SCA has a wide range of martial activities for participants. At our Shire events and fighter practices you will see (and be able to participate in) armored combat with real armor and simulated weapons made of rattan (a solid bamboo-like material), and historical fencing with actual steel (blunted) rapier blades.

Combat is honor-based. If you wish to participate, a Marshal will help you train to be a safe and effective combatant. Equipment is available for you to borrow for a limited time. We’ll be happy to teach you how to make your own armor. There are many techniques that cost little to nothing out of pocket.

At larger events, known as wars for the thousands of participants, combat archers can use bows and crossbows. There are also siege engineers using ballistas, catapults, and trebuchets firing safe ammunition at your opponents.

In addition to combat, there are other martial activities available. At our events you can practice and even compete at archery and thrown weapons, such as axes and spears.

For more information about each of these activities, take a look at the page devoted to them: