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Historical Fencing

The SCA offers a unique opportunity to explore the historical martial arts through fencing. This isn’t fencing like you’ll find in a sports club. This is historical fencing using techniques and weapons similar to those used in the Middle ages and Renaissance. Our fencers use historical gear, clothes, and actual steel swords.

We offer three levels of rapier combat:

Light Rapier with foils and Epees. This is the least common, and is mostly used for early training.

Heavy Rapier is the most common. This uses actual blunted swords and a focus on using the point of the weapon. Daggers and small shields are also used. This kind of fighting will look most familiar from movies.

Cut and Thrust is the least common. This style of fighting requires more armor and uses heavier blunted swords. Not only is the point used, but the edge is used to strike also. 

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting activity visit one of our fighter practices, listed on our events calendar, or contact our Knight Marshal to ask specific questions.

Rules for rapier combat: Rapier Handbook


Historical Fencing