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Our local fighters practice team battles.


Armored Combat in the SCA is an attempt to recreate the tournaments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The combat is full speed and force, and unchoreographed. The combatants are are actually fighting, hitting each other as if the weapons were real. We use an honor system to determine if a strike is true. The combatant struck decides if the strike was of sufficient force to count as a good hit. The simulated (rattan) weapons and real armor, as well as marshals (referees and trainers) keep the combat safe.

We hold tournaments, and even full scale wars between our groups.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting activity visit one of our fighter practices, listed on our events calendar, or contact our Knight’s Marshal to ask specific questions.

Rules for armored combat: Marshal Handbook

Outlands addendum: Outlands Rules Clarifications

Armored Combat